Welcome to the “wonderful world of Mastiff door panels”. Mastiff manufactures a patented system of door panels, rounded arches and window finishes. Mastiff is a top class Belgian company. profine Belux markets Mastiff throughout the world.



What is unique about the world of Mastiff is that you can put together a door panel yourself. Select a type of door panel from the extensive range and you can then optionally add the pre-pressed ornamental features with glazing. Hundreds of variations are possible.  

All the panels bear the name of a town or village somewhere in the world so that the slogan “The wonderful world of Mastiff door panels” really does live up to its name!

Choose one or two-sided ornamental features, with or without (insulating) glass, the type of glass (coloured, composite, sand-blasted, fantasy, leaded glass....) and the colour of the panel.  

Apart from solid-coloured white and cream, various Renolit films are available in colours such as concrete grey, quartz grey, crème, steel blue, silver grey, basalt grey, anthracite grey, pine green, or wood finishes such as golden oak, mahogany, walnut, rustic oak, …. for colours see look here.



  • More than 1000 possibilities
  • 1 homogeneous entity: no stuck-on ornamental feature (no dirt accumulation!)
  • Stable and impact-resistant: tested and approved
  • Colourfast, weather and moisture-resistant: a gleaming result!
  • Superior quality, resistant to chemicals
  • Thermally insulating
  • Sound-proof
  • Easy maintenance: soap and water
  • Glass simple to replace if necessary 
  • MASTIFF:  

29 mm thickness = standard, optionally 19 mm or 24 mm of panels without glass  
insulation values:  19 mm = Up 2.0 W/m²K  
                                  24 mm = Up 1.9 W/m²K  
                                  29 mm = Up 1.6 W/m²K 
sound-proof panel:  Thickness = 39 mm:  Rw= 40 (-1;-2)dB  
                                                           2 -to-7: Rw= 42 (-1;-4)dB

  • MASTIFF 2-to-7: 2x7 mm panel with glass at its options : on request

Thickness : 51 mm or 67 mm
insulation values:
- 51mm = Up 0.65 to 0.70 W/m²K
- 67 mm = Up 0.55 W/m²K
triple glazing, composite on one side
Up 0,4 W/m²K : on request

  • Special bottom panels for verandas, conservatories......



The door panels can be assembled in two different ways.

With MASTIFF both the fixed and the opening part of the door are visible.

With MASTIFF INVISIBLE the outside of the panel covers the door leaf or the opening part of the door. Aesthetically this means that the door profiles are no longer visible and are concealed behind the panel. This system is also known as “leaf covering” as the outer layer of the panel covers the structural section of the door leaf.




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